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Soft and delicate covers


All the kids love them Muslins


A very delicate and elegant pattern DISCOVER THE COLLECTION


Have you ever thought of your little one's arrival as a beautiful journey that will lead
you to discover a completely new and fascinating world?

Dadibù's little boat will accompany you page by page with sweetness and attention. Dadibù is a new e-commerce platform that offers mothers high-quality products, certified and with captivating designs, often handmade in Europe with natural and ecological fabrics. Dadibù is not just a simple online store for children, but a shop of items chosen by a real mom for moms.

Celebrity endorsement

Beautiful and very soft eucalyptus covers. I was given one as a gift and I was super excited. Highly recommended!!!

Mother Isabella

The crib reducer with the Vintage Bloom pattern is simply stunning. Very elegant and beautiful, but also comfortable thanks to the completely removable lining.

Mother Giudi

"I never thought that muslin cloths would become indispensable items with my little one. Excellent as towels and blankets, and they are extremely soft..."

Mamma Eva

Your baby's first blanket


Leaves texture cover

Leaves Blanket

Bamboo bathrobe

Bamboo bathrobe

Create your own layette

BIBS Pacifiers

The shape of the nipple and the shield mimics the mother's breast, allowing the baby to suckle in a more instinctive and natural way. The shape of the shield is designed to remain detached from the skin around the mouth and equipped with three ventilation holes that reduce the risk of irritations. The nipple is equipped with a ventilation valve that allows air to escape and the nipple to adapt naturally, just as it does with the mother's breast.


Sleeping bag to wrap baby

We are excited to present our latest addition - the baby swaddle sleeping bag made of organic cotton muslin, handmade with great care and love. The fabric is silky and extremely soft to the touch, designed to make your baby feel comfortable. The size fits perfectly in cribs, strollers, and baby baskets. We recommend this beautiful blanket for swaddling newborns to make them feel as if they are still in the mother's womb.

Sleeping bag

Braid reducer

The braid reducer for the cot is a novelty in recent years. It is fantastic for making the baby feel at ease in the first moments of life because he feels cuddled and wrapped as if he were still in the mother's womb. The reducer can be placed inside the cot, inside the cradle, on the sofa or on the bed for naps during the day. You can also place it on the ground to let your child play, protecting him from knocks against the walls. Product handmade with certified fabrics.

Braid reducer

Mother's heart...

Sea of ​​cuddles

Sea of ​​cuddles