Have you ever thought of the arrival of your little one as a beautiful journey that will make you discover a completely new and fascinating world?

For me it was just like that.

I'm Ewa, recently a mother, wife, artist, a girl with many passions and always a thousand ideas in her head. Dadibù had been in my thoughts for a long time, but it was the birth of my son that gave me the right energy and inspiration to start making this little dream come true. Thanks to him I discovered the world of blankets, sleeping bags, bamboo sheets and even washable diapers. If you are reading this presentation you are probably like me a while ago… Because what happens when a modern mother prepares for the arrival of her baby? She surfs and surfs the internet looking for special and safe things for her little one.

So here comes Dadibù, a new e-commerce that aims to offer mothers high-quality products, certified and with an attractive design made by hand or in any case by small artisans in Europe with natural and ecological fabrics . Dadibù's little boat will accompany you page by page, in this great sea of ​​the web, but always with gentleness and attention. Because Dadibù is not just a simple online shop for children but it is a shop that offers objects chosen by a mother for mothers .

Remember, if you need advice or a simple chat, don't forget that I am here for you, to be close to you, knowing how important it is.

We mothers are "in the same boat", but it is a boat that makes us rediscover a beautiful world!

We hope that Dadibù is not just a simple shop with items for children, but a cuddle, a caress, a sweet smile...